Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back from Mysore - kuch raas nahi aayi

Two things I like about Mysore
a) My parent's home
b) the beautiful Mysore palace
Apart from these two, I find myself disconnected with the place. Mysore hasn't changed at all from the time I have moved out. All I have in Mysore are the memories and memories make me momentarily happy or sad just like the word "memories" sound and its usage. The road leading to my house appears same, the road leading elsewhere appears same.Only the traffic signals and cafe coffee joints have sprouted here and there but the traffic seems to be as uncivil, haphazard, chaotic mess as it was before and the people have the same small town ego, same body language. Mysore will remain same and it will not change just like the people. I find every one in Mysore familiar even though I haven't seen them before. How uninteresting?
I feel, I know, I cannot belong here anymore. I recently read that Mysore is one of the top best places in the world to visit. I guess people from around the world take Mysore as a living museum where people recreate a time period which is 10 or 20 yrs back.
Can I resettle in Mysore?- I don't want to.


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